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Spain is famous for its tapas. “A social gathering, while enjoying a drink, eating small dishes”.
There are hundreds of different tapas, we made a selection for you.

For a tapas event we count usually +/- 9 different tapas. You can also choose tapas as a starter (+/- 3 or 4 different) and combine it with a main course and dessert.

We can offer you a matching Spanish/Mallorca wine package.

Examples of tapas:


• Jamon Serrano with chick-peas

• Dates with bacon and almond

• Mini chorizo

• Chicken livers with onion and jerez wine

• Marinated pork skewer with lemon and garlic

• Chicken skewer with lemon and garlic

• Meat balls in spice sauce


• Olive bread with manchego cheese and membrillo

• Pimento de pardon

• Stuffed artichoke with trampo

• Chicorée with Roquefort and walnuts

• Quiche with spinach and goat cheese

• Grilled vegetables

• Mushrooms with garlic

• Grilled belly peppers salad

• Fried cheese profiteroles with tomato salsa

• Tortilla Española


• Stuffed mejiones

• Sardines

• King prawns with tequila and orange juice

• Baby squid with black olives

• Stuffed calamares with mushrooms and lobster sauce

• Mussels fisherman style

• Calameres a la romana

• Ensalade rusa

• Gamba’s with garlic

• Tuna salad with tomato and olives